The Organizing Committee for the 17th IUPPS Congress consists of the Science Office, coordinated by Science Vice-Secretary, Prof. Dr. Robert Sala, responsible for the scientific structure and contents of the Congress, and the Technical Office, coordinated by the Organization Vice-Secretary, José M. R-Ponga, in charge of the administrative, financial and logistical aspects.

The members of the Science Organizing Committee's Technical Office (OC/CLO) are:
• Catalonia Institute of Human Palaeoecology and Social Evolution, Tarragona, IPHES
• National Human Evolution Research Centre, Burgos, CENIEH
• Complutense University de Madrid – Carlos III Health Institute Joint Centre for Research into Human Evolution and Behaviour,
• R+D+i building, University of Burgos, UBU
• Three members of the IUPPS Spanish section

The members of the Local Organizing Committee's Technical Office (OT/CLO) are:
• Castilla y León Regional Government, JCyL
• Burgos City Council
• University of Burgos, UBU
• National Human Evolution Research Centre, CENIEH
• Museum of Human Evolution, MEH
• Atapuerca Foundation

• Burgos Provincial Deputation

• Burgos Businnessment's Federation of Trade (FEC)

• Burgos Provincial Federation of Catering Trade